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Giant Named in 2019 U18 World Cup Qualifier Team

U18 World Cup Qualifier Team Named

Author: Baseball Australia Media/Monday, 21 January 2019/Categories: News, Events, 18U Mens, Southern Thunder

Australia will take on the best Oceania has to offer this week in hope of qualifying for the 2019 U18 World Cup.

18 of Australia's best and brightest stars will travel to Guam to compete in the Oceania Qualifier, with the winning team earning their place at the U18 World Cup in Gijang, South Korea. The Australian squad will face Guam, American Samoa, New Zealand and Palau across the next six days at the Paseo Stadium in Agana, Guam.



23 January 3 pm American Samoa vs. Australia

24 January 7 pm Australia vs. Guam

25 January 11 am Australia vs. New Zealand 3 pm Palau vs. Australia

26 January (Semi Finals) 1 pm No 1 seed-No 2 seed (a) 6 pm No 3 seed-No 4 seed (b)

27 January (Medal Games) 12 pm loser (a)-winner (b)-bronze medal game (c) 5 pm winner (a)-winner (c)-championship game

(all times local - UTC +10)


Travis Bazzana (NSW) Brandan Bidois (QLD) Chris Burke (VIC) Liam Evans (VIC) Blake Farr (SA) Jack Lee (NSW) Liam MacDonald (QLD) Liam McCallum (NSW) Conor Myles (VIC) Cayden Nicoletto (WA) Jaylin Rae (NSW) Nicholas Riley (WA) Caleb Shepherd (NSW) William Sherriff (WA) Alex Skepton (QLD) Aidan Torpey (NSW) Blake Townsend (VIC) Tristan Watts (NSW)

Steve Fish - Head Coach Scott Mitchinson - Pitching Coach Gareth Jones - Assistant Coach Shaun Smith - Assistant Coach Neil Barrowcliff - Executive Officer

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