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Maintains Club membership database, responsible for sending registration forms, lodging clearances and oversees Club registration days. Registers all players with BWA, processes and manages player fees. 

Head Coach of the Club's State League team. Oversees the selection of State League, AAA's and Big League 1 teams. Liaises with Perth HEAT with regards to WGBC player availability. Plan and oversees Club's Spring Training for all age groups. In conjunction with the Club's Junior Development Officer designs clubs' Junior Development Plan.

Implements and oversees the Club's Junior Development Program in consultation with Club's Head Coach. Liases with VP (Juniors) & LL Co-ordinator in staging development and high performance training sessions.

LL Co-ordinator is responsible for overseeing the Club's Little League division. Assists with registration and spring training and liaises with club Charter representative.

Club representative dealing with all Scorers Assoc. appointments and issues at Junior and Senior home games. Prepares season score book kits for all teams. Co-ordinates scoring clinics for Junior Club volunteers. 

Club representative dealing with all BWA Umpires Assoc. appointments and issues at Junior and Senior home games. Attends pre-season clinics. Liaises with both Senior and Junior VP's to produce field umpiring player roster for (Seniors) and parent roster (Juniors).

Is the Club contact for any member wishing to hire the social hall for private functions. Manages Club bar, ensures Club adheres to the Liquor Licensing Act and possesses a current RSA certificate. Liaises with Club alcohol sponsor/supplier. Manages Club storerooms. Liaises with City of Wanneroo Facilities Officer and Viking Softball Club.  

Actively works to deliver value for all new and existing sponsors. Plans and implements sponsorship strategies to retain existing and acquire new sponsors. Plans and co-ordinates Club's yearly 'Sponsor's Day'

Responsible for sourcing, management and sale of all Club merchandise.

Responsible for the design and publishing of all Club social communications. Design, management, maintenance and update of Club website.

Manages the running of the Club canteen for all home games, training nights and special events. Oversees the purchase of all food and beverages items to be stocked in Club canteen. Ensures Club canteen is compliant with the Health Act and Local Council By-Laws governing the operation and management of the canteen. Prepares Committee duty roster for food preparation and service.

Responsible for all club Fundraising & Social events. Formulates, plans and implements fundraising activities and social functions.

Responsible for keeping an accurate record (spreadsheet) of all club uniforms. Prepares kits for all teams (Senior & Junior). Ensures uniforms are in good repair and ready to use, includes cleaning if required. Orchestrates end of season stocktake.

Plans and co-ordinates Junior teams photo day. Responsible for season's trophies (including collection of perpetual trophies) and update of Club Honour Board   

Responsible for all Club gear and equipment. Prepares gear bags for all Senior & Junior teams. Ensures all gear and equipment is in good order and sources replacement equipment when required.

Responsible for all cuts, batters boxes and line marking of Club's diamonds. Liaises with City of Wanneroo Facilities Officer.  

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