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Life Membership is the highest award obtainable and is awarded as recognition of the exceptional contribution made by individuals to the organisation over an extended period of time. Only ever awarded in exceptional circumstances. 

The below individuals have demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service, enhancing the reputation and future of their code within the Club. 

1984    T. Mateljan
1987    L. Hills
1989    G. Saxon
1997    R. McCoy
1997    C. Holding
1998    A. Chappell
1998    J. Castillo
1999    R. Harben
2003    K. Hooker
2007    K. Sorenson
2014    D. Waldock
2015    G. Prosper
2016    C. Patison
2017    D. Riley
2018    G. Elliott
2021    C.Mackenzie
2021    N. Irwin
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