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Baseball LIVE - Never miss a HEAT game!

Baseball Australia is proud and excited to announce the launch of the 'Baseball Live' App - providing access to which will enable users to stay up to date with everything from the Australian Women's and Youth Women's Championships, Little League Championships, National Youth Championships, the ABL and follow the National Team.

Celebrating its launch, downloaders of the App will be able to live video stream the Australian Women's Youth Championship today in Canberra, starting 1pm local time.

Developed by Spark Digital, the primary objective of the App is to streamline user access to the various competitions and tournaments that Australian baseball is involved with, and to allow all levels of baseball to stand shoulder to shoulder.

Baseball Live will be the destination for Australian baseball content, with live scoring, results as well as the ability to live video stream games and access demand on video.

Baseball Australia CEO Cam Vale believes that to be able to provide a strong digital tool to the baseball community is critical to Baseball's ability to communicate effectively with its members and fans into the future.

"To launch something this significant to the baseball community is critical to our long term strategy," Vale said.

"To have an easily accessible platform that combines the various programs/tournaments Baseball Australia is involved with is vital. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to make this the content hub of Australian baseball, and we're proud to deliver a product we believe will enhance user engagement with baseball fans across the world."

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