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JUNIOR Coaches Required

Calling on All Giants

We are in need of Junior Coaches for some really great kids

Big League 2 (U19s) play at 3:30pm Saturday

Senior League (U17s) play at 12:30pm Saturday

Junior League (U15s) play at 3:30pm Saturday

Intermediate League (U14s) play at 1pm Saturday

Little League Minor (U12s) play at 10:30am Saturday and some Friday nights at 5:30pm

We really need some help so if you can give back to the kids and pass on what you have learned that would be great.

The kids don’t get to play without a coach so please put your hand up and help out

You can even partner up with someone and both of you can do it.

Spring training starts this Saturday so we really need to get coaches sorted ASAP

Thanks to everyone that has already put your hands up it greatly appreciated

Please contact:

CLICK TO CONTACT - Derek Bird VP Juniors for BL, SL, JL and IL

CLICK TO CONTACT - Travis Larner Little League Co-ordinator for LL

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