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Baseball WA Launches Pro-League

Baseball WA is excited to launch a new and exciting program for players aged 16 to 18 yo. Commencing in 2018, it will be known as the BWA Pro-League.

To give some background, the Pro-League is based on the identification of areas of the sport which are currently under serviced or not serviced at all.

Specifically in part being:

  1. With Little League International pulling out of the Big League (U19) age group, we no longer have a tournament pathway for our older junior players

  2. Whilst the current elite program does a great job in providing players with additional benefits such as strength & conditioning, nutrition and specialist skills sessions, it caters only to 16 players which is an extremely small number getting this benefit.

  3. The pathways associated with the Talent ID process are not always clear which makes it difficult for you to try to identify the right programs to participate in to maximise your child's chances of being identified.

To facilitate the roll out of the Pro-League, Baseball WA has reached agreement with Sixteen 23 (Luke Hughes and Tim Kennelly) to manage the program content as a partner of Baseball WA. This partnership provides resources to this new program that Baseball WA on its own could not otherwise provide.

Each year, all 16 yo's that participate in the Senior League State Championship (both charter teams and Tiger Academy) will be invited to attend a draft, from which a minimum of 32 new players will be added to the program. This will result in 100 players at a time receiving the great benefit of high level coaching, game play, strength & conditioning etc.

The program is unmatched in providing a large number of players with access to an elite baseball experience.

Understandably, there will be some players for which this will be an additional program as they are already members of the Elite program of 16 players and they may wish to bypass this new added program. But for many, this will be a great opportunity to gain access to elite performance activities including strength & conditioning training, health & nutrition and additional high level skills instruction - as well as elite competition - that would otherwise be unavailable. Plus also performing in games on a regular basis under the noses of state and national coaches and professional scouts.

We hope all BWA members will take advantage of such a fantastic and exciting opportunity and make the Pro-League a success.

More information will be rolled out soon including details such as cost and program outline including date and location of the draft combines. But in the mean time an information sheet is located above under the Pro League tab - including details of the three drafts we will be conducting this season to incorporate 16, 17 and 18 year olds into the first crop of draftees.

If you have any questions please let any of the operations or administration team know by emails provided in the info sheet.

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